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May 28, 2019

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In addition to the above classification stipulated in article 2 of the company law, common classification methods include the following
1, according to the different forms of responsibility borne by shareholders;
2. According to different credit standards of the company;
3. According to the different objects of shareholders and whether the shares can be transferred;
4. According to the nationality of the company;
5. According to the control and attachment relationship between one company and another;
6. Six common classification methods according to the internal jurisdiction system of the company.
In addition, the special company phenomenon, also known as offshore company, mainly exists in offshore financial centers in the world, such as British virgin islands, cayman islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mauritius, Nevada, Delaware in the United States (mostly island countries) and other offshore jurisdictions. The so-called offshore company generally refers to the limited liability company or international commercial company established in the offshore legal domain according to the offshore company law.
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